AMarkets’ Affiliate Programs

AMarkets offers unique and lucrative partnership programs, providing high-profit, and risk-free opportunities to earn in the financial markets.


Fixed payouts in two stages: qualified registrations and funded accounts

A Partner directs traffic to AMarkets’ website
The Company pays for every registered, qualified lead
When clients fund their accounts and a required trading volume is reached, a Partner receives remuneration depending on the amount of Net Deposit (Deposit – Withdrawals)


High remuneration rates
Comprehensive and clear reports and statistics
Diverse marketing tools and reliable referral system
Daily payouts in US dollars, with unlimited withdrawals
100% income to partner with no withdrawal fees
Vast choice of payment systems
Simple and fast verification process
Great and easy-to-sell products

Two-stage payouts

AMarkets offers unique and lucrative partnership programs, providing high-profit,
and risk-free opportunities to earn in financial markets.

From $5

for every confirmed registration.

Up to $500

for every funded account with trading activity.

Active Partner can make from 500 USD monthly, depending on the
number of clients and their deposits.

How to make a choice?


This offer is suitable for website owners, bloggers and lead generators, who can work with, and redirect web traffic.



Suits those who want to start making simple and easy profits from the very beginning.



This model works best for short-term earnings, with small fund deposits from clients.

Remuneration Rates


Remuneration per registrations:

Rates level “START” Rates level “PRO” *
 $5 per qualified registration  $10 per qualified registration


Remuneration per activated clients:

Net Deposit ** Level “START” Level “PRO” Required turnover
$100-199 $30 $50 1 lot
$200-499 $50 $100 2,5 lots
$500-999 $100 $200 5 lots
$1,000-1,999 $150 $300 10 lots
$2,000-2,999 $200 $400 12,5 lots
Over $3,000 $250 $500 15 lots
  • *The PRO package is activated if the Partner attracts more than 10 new active traders per month. The company reserves the right to pay remuneration at the base rate in case of a partner’s failure to comply with this condition according to the results of each month.
  • **The calculation takes into account the total amount of all account top-ups, minus any withdrawals (except for realized profit) during the verification period of the client.
  • For example (Start package): If the client deposits 1,000 USD into his account and then withdraws 500 USD, the account balance will fall to 500 USD and the partner will receive 100 USD.
    If the client makes a profit of 500 USD and withdraws his earnings, leaving the initial deposit of 1000 USD in his account, then the partner will receive 150 USD, as the withdrawal of profit does not affect remuneration.

Our Partners earn up to 60% of the Company’s income. We’ve been making fair and steady payouts every day since 2007! Join our successful Partners right now!